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Hi Tony: We met during Art Walk and I enjoyed our chat about art. I appreciated your art very much and your web site is great too. Keep making marks and may many good things come to you. Your art has special meaning and it adds to the world.
Richard Jordan - 2 Jul 2019
love love your self portrait. i am inspired to try one of my own. tnx toni
BRENDA C MILLER - 2 Feb 2019
Hello. Now i'm not sure if you will remember, but you were camping in Owen Sound at Harrison Park and i stopped my Mum because i saw your AMAZING art. I just want to say, you have inspired me. i have been drawing a painting ever since that day i saw your and Lorraine's art. Thank you very much! Please stay connected with us!
Julia Latham - 1 Dec 2012
Found it! Love the website so much to see,great work.
Marianne Leo - 2 Jul 2012
great thoughtful art brought to the serene countryside,(lakeside). thanks, jack
jack winn - 17 Mar 2012
Incredible art...I wish that I lived closer so that I could visit the gallery in person. Thank's for sending me the link, Tony, I thoroughly enjoyed cruising the website.
Joel Jerome - 23 Dec 2011
This is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing your art! Love you guys!! xo
Joani Paige - 25 Feb 2011
Thanks for allowing me the pleasure of seeing more of your collection. It touches the heart and soul. I'm amazed by the depthed in every aspect, in how you have reached the heart of this viewer. Truly an asset to history and the arts. Bless you both.
Rachael Nelson - 11 Feb 2011
love you guys so much!! congrats on the harvard show!!! will be thinking of you in SE Asia!!!
tamara rose - 4 Jan 2011
Hey Tony awesome website!!!!
Marc Dupuis and Jessica Kennedy - 22 Dec 2010
hey i like the site, its looking really great so far.. my favorite piece is "acid rain" but i liked all of the landscapes a lot too... keep up the good work!
Jess Miller - 22 Dec 2010
Just beautiful! Jake and I will fill our home with these I hope one day!
Daniele Size - 8 Dec 2010
Awesome Gallery, looks great on-line. Thanks Tony & Lorraine, for sharing your beautiful art with the world. xox
Sarah Westgate - 8 Dec 2010
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